Style Tabbed Widgets (Widget Framework-like Add-on or Styling?) - Can we make them ourselves?


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I was a user of @xfrocks Widget Framework.

I'm now realising how useful it was. The tabbed widget option is truly missed. I'm wondering if there's a way we can do this without an add-on? Somebody clever perhaps might have done this? It's definitely something I can't managed to create without screwing up the whole style.

My sites seem to be really widget-heavy. And while I keep deciding to replace one with another, to keep the style polite to new users, I seem to keep coming back to the widgets and adding too many.

I think if I could master tabbed widgets somehow, I'd be able to enable the few similar ones (New Posts, New Blog Posts, New Resources for example) and house them in one actual widget that's tabbed, I'd have a nicer looking website.

Has anybody managed to do this? Is it possible? Is there an add-on that I can't find even maybe?

If needs be, perhaps this is something I'd have to end up putting out to get built maybe because it's starting to annoy me. I keep changing the widgets and that's just going to confused members.
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