XF 1.5 Switching from Apache

Charlie J

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Im planning on moving from Apache to Nguix as its far better in my opinion.

is there anything i need to do to my xenforo files for switching? any permissions etc


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make sure nginx run as the same user as apache. If nobody:nobody runs apache then nobody:nobody runs nginx.

You may need to tweak php for your need.

there is no need to change any setting in xenforo
I did the same. Going back to apache after 3 months.

Runs fast but apt get keeps re writing my conf. Plus friendly urls has been tough to get going. Not my flavour.

I miss my .htaccess. Not much support around for nginx either.



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Are you sure? I use nginx and apt upgrade never rewrite my conf. Are you using debian or ubuntu?

The only thing apt has change my conf when I upgrade from 1.6 to 1.8 (I backup my conf first before upgrade)

Charlie J

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i went back to apache, nginx was aweful, but i get this error with default .htaccess
The following error occurred:
Not Found
The requested URL /community/login/ was not found on this server.