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shorepower submitted a new resource:

Swedish language pack - Semi-completed translation of XenForo to Swedish

Semi-translated Swedish language. Primarily front end translated.

Built on various sources from other people and made some additional translation.. Posted it to make it easily available for others. Made available as is with no support

Any additions more than welcome.

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Would be interesting to know whom are downloading the Swedish language pack. So far I'm only aware about two forums in Sweden using Xenforo. If there are more, sharing ideas and getting feedback on translation quality would be great.
Just installed 1.35 of Xenforo on my site.. No new phrases or outdated phrases so not planning to post a 1.3.5 version of the Swedish Translation.
Many thanks for this translation !

As I do not speak any swedish, I am wondering if this translation is rather "neutral" or specific to a certain forum ?

One thing I noticed:
the phrase "login_required" (english text: "You must be logged-in to do that." ) is not translated.
(this is the "Error Message" when a visitor does not have the permission to view the thread-content).

My english wording for this phrase is something like: "Members Only. Please Log-in or Register."

Would it be possible for you to translate this phrase into swedish, please ?

Thanks again!

Hi here, Sorry for late replay. I will look on the phrase you mentioned and will launch it with the 1.4.7 update.

The translation is neutral but with regards to cookies and the law that governs the site it referees to Swedish / EU laws
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