XF 1.4 Swap between Localhost and Live Server

Howdy everyone,

I am currently testing my newly purchased XF with the media gallery and I am in love with it. I am messing up with it a bit on localhost before I do any live transfers. If I wanted to just upload what I configured on localhost, what would I actually need to do? Just download the db then importing it to the liveserver and editing the config.php file to cope with my live server details? Or what should I exactly do?

Thank you!


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You would need to export and import the database and upload any style or add-on files.

That assumes you already have an install in place on the server.


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It's up to you, but you need to have the XF files on the server, as well as the install-lock and config.php files.

So the quickest way is to do that in advance of moving from localhost.

I would also install any styles and add-ons to match, then it's just a case of importing the database.


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If I'm correct you may need to re-install add-ons. I moved a testversion from one server to the other and all the add-ons (5 or so) were gone. I needed to import the install XML's again