Surge protector suggestions?

Steve F

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Well last weeks severe weather here in Ohio took its toll on my electronics. Do not know where the lightning hit but it killed my 40" Samsung TV, cable box, internet modem, router, and my PS3. The TV is covered under the extended warranty I purchased and the cable box & modem where property of my cable company so those were replaced at no charge. The PS3 & router I have to replace.

I have everything on 2 surge protectors but obviously they don't hold well to lightning blast. So what should I be looking for when wanting to protect my equipment from these kinds of events? My budget is not very high and I think the surge protect for the TV, PS3 and cable box was around $70. I really am amazed that my PC was not hit as it was running but in sleep mode.



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Well the first thing you should do is check and make sure the outlets your expensive electronics are on are properly grounded...if you or someone you know is not an electrician you probably don't have a multimeter or a circuit tester. You can get a circuit tester (this is the simplest one you can get) at almost any home depot or lowes for pretty cheap. After you verify that you have ground...then you go start plugging you money into it. Remember ... one faulty connection can make things go boom. I have a picture of an exploded circuit breaker somewhere floating around the forum.

As far as a surge...make sure, I repeat make sure you get one from a big company that warranties connected equipment. (also speaking of that if you had a decently new surge protector (not power strips), there should be at least some kid of coverage.

I love monster power products...they never have failed me...ever...over a decade now. I have 4 of their units including a reference model which is simply awesome for delivering unwavering sound and picture quality from all devices plugged in.

However by what you have like this would be best for you...I own three they have not failed some other current carrying items I own.

It is a little over your budget, maybe or maybe not...but this is in the notes and what sells me on it...again only from a company that can back this kind of warranty.
$350,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
Monster Clean Power Stage 2 dramatically reduces electronic noise for better picture and sound.
T2 microprocessor controlled disconnect/reconnect protection circuitry.
Tri-Mode power protection circuitry with audible alarm.
Provides over 6125 joules of surge absorption capacity for superior protection.
Personally I advise on spending the extra green on protecting you investments.

Very importantly when making your decision need to look at how may joules the unit is rated for. Think of this as more is better generally unless you want to get into the math of it.

Steve F

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Thanks EQnoble for the informative post. ;)

I am always working around electricity, daily, so I do know about the grounding and such. When I purchased everything (TV & PS3), I replaced wiring from the outlets back to the breaker panel with new 12/3 wire.

The surge protector is a Monster Power AV800. I'm trying to find somewhere on their site about their damage warranty/policy but only find what you quoted on the product page for that power center. Most likely going to just call them when they open and get more info on it. Would be nice if it is covered but I have my doubts. Depending on what they do, will determine whether I replace the surge protectors I currently have or not.


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How long have you had the 800?
  • 5-year $25,000 connected equipment guarantee (covers equipment damaged by an AC power or lightning surge while connected to properly installed Monster Cable surge protector)
  • lifetime warranty on the AV 800

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A little over a year. Do you have link to that?

Edit: Found it, thanks again EQnoble