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I just moved from a VB forum and I used to put a small supporting member icon with the users name/avatar. Since the switchover, all that shows is the URL as seen in the photo below.

Can an image be added to this area?





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Need a little more help.

In the picture I posted above, I want to remove the URL that is showing. (I found out how to add the supporting icon but for some reason, it won't show on any member that has that text showing. It did work on those without it)

I tried removing this in the admin area but for some reason, it doesn't over write or remove it. ??

I then went to the mysql database and in the user folder, I located a member with it and deleted that text URL but it still remained on the forum. :(

Is there a new folder in the database for the user info like this specific to Xen forums? The one I tried must be only for the vbulletin forum.

Sure hope that made sense. :D


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I suspect that is in the user group, probably the user title override field.