Support the forum: donate or buy from...

Dear all,

how can I create a new little box as all the other widgets in the sidebar appear, maybe under <xen:hook name="ad_sidebar_bottom" />, so that I can put a "Support the forum!" and insert a Paypal Donate + Amazon affiliation link, so that people can do that easily?

Thanks everyone,


In regards to "support the forum" you could also make a paid subscription of a few varieties, and let xenforo handle the paypal side of things? Users can then also show on the site as a supporter with a usergroup upgrade. And you have a nice overview of which user has provided support. The sidebar could link to the account upgrades page where they can choose.
You rock mate!
I guess the second solution you are proposing doesn't really match - legally speaking - what a "Donation" means. In fact, if you allow paid members / donators to access to different services or premium features which normally they wouldn't have, this is considered not a donation anymore :)

However, thank you very much indeed for your kindness, did appreciate it.

PS: I'm trying custom sidebar block now..