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Calling all superheroes & villains, is your one stop shop for everything superhero/comics. With a direct focus on enhanced conversations, we also provide a ton of unique forum abilities such as:
  • Personality selections (Citizen, hero, villain, anti-hero, anti-villain, & sidekick).
  • An Alter-ego system to allow quick one click access to any of your alternate accounts.
  • Movie & TV show quick integration.
  • A custom role play system.
  • & More.
Your identity is safe with us!

As we continue to grow, we will integrate a merchant system for theme specific sales & trades. We will also have marketing campaigns across large venues including state specific comic conventions, local stores, & more.

With over 100 new members in just a few days time, we can only go upwards from here.

Our theme design was created by non-other than @Sheldon. Your go too man for anything "out of the box".

So swing on by, you won't see all the neat features unless you register however =)

ss1.png ss2.png ss3.png



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The only "complaint" I really have is that the gray text on member cards is hard to see, but otherwise it looks awesome.


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Just implemented the Super Powers Feature.

Would also love to hear ideas, suggestions, or any other feedback.
The thought behind this was simple, Sheldon wanted to have an "attractive male" superhero.... But.... Besides that, this is a unique way to boost production on some of the more active users. Everyone can have powers to begin with. You will know more or less the level of activity for users when they have more than one power.

Users can see & select powers from day one but only the first tier will be visible until the second threshold is met.

It's displayed very nicely. Sheldon was kind enough to integrate the powers with the smiley sets so users can use them in their everyday posting as well.

Another awesome job & it's all thanks to @Sheldon.


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A quick update....

Our main area has expanded to start listing Comic Con conventions, movie openings, etc...


The gallery is up, and slowly getting submissions....

We've expanded our movie and television area, to be able to include everything, although the main focus is still comic/superhero related.

Heavily modified the normal "Who is Online Block"


The shoutbox is a pretty active area as well, members popping in and out throughout the day. It doesn't take away from the discussion, so that's a good thing. There are a few other things that are current projects - close to finishing, and some that are just in the beginning stages. Some new things are being done as far as getting tickets for users to Comic Con Conventions, possible tickets to movie openings, things of that nature... More information on that is here:

Looking to add @Bob B awesome Showcase add-on as soon as possible, we think it could be great for 2 or 3 different things, all involving current characters as well as the Role Play introduced characters members create. Upgraded our theme after @Audentio posted the updates, zero issues and everything was smooth as you could ask for. Not entirely sure what else can be added at this point, but as we continue to expand, we will look through all the various avenues to enhance our members experience.

We'd love to hear some input as far as looks, interface, anything else you could give some insight on.



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The events portion was a big hit! We scored lots of free comic-con event tickets all over the US. I simply started reaching out to all the event coordinators. Surprisingly about 50% of them responded. We need to get the raffle system up next so we can start raffling off comic-con tickets, movie tickets, comic items, & more.

That should be the next big update =)


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Very unique and interesting style.

It’s good to hear that you guys are getting love from the event coordinators, hope this helps your growth a lot.