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Super Dumb Question


I'm looking to purchase the liscence for this and I downloaded the test script, but I think I may be slightly (very) special. lol

Where do you put the php file in your directory, and how do you call it up to see if it works? I tried a few different places, and looked around here a bit, but like I said... special. :p

I've never done anything related to a forum, so I have to say I'm a little lost.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and thanks in advance, even if you do have a little chuckle to yourself about my... specialness. :D

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Place the test script in the root of the hosting provider you are using. Then in your browser window type in the IP address/whatever.php, where whatever.php is the script name.
The IP should have been given to you by your hosting provider. If you already have a domain pointing at that IP, use that instead.