Lack of interest [Suggestopn] Export thread or somehting


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We have all come across those threads on a forum - they look interetsing but they are spread across 150 pages and it wil ltake FORVEREclicking through to read the whole thing - plus there is lots of other crap in the way like avatars and signatures etc

How about a feature or mode where, in order to assist in reading mega threads real quick, you can have a mode where all the rubbish is removed and you can just whizz through a monster thread - i.e instead of maybe having 20 posts per page it would load up 150 posts at once so you have less clicks and you would only see the name of the poster and the relevant text/images in the post

alternativley - export the thread to word with text/images ony - but obviously still split up by post.

I just think there must be a better way of reading mega long threads that what is out there.

lazy llama

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We used to use a plugin on our previous forum to allow downloading of an entire thread as plain text.
It's not something that got used very often, but it's a nice feature to have.

Digital Doctor

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I think Mega threads should end !
Dealing with them is one thing .. I think the best way would be to eliminate them.
(note: the super long threads that no one would search are fine like: what did you buy recently, etc.)

I think Mega Threads is a sign that Forums need a "new structure" or way of doing things.


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On some forums you get get some threads that sontaneous spread to hundreds of pages overnight - its not something that is easily controlled.

the issue is making them easier to read rather than having a thread splt up.