[Suggestion] XF 2.2+, add option to use "Metadata Logo" in getCoverImage getter if no image attachment is found


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XF 2.2 has introduced "articles" (lots of stuff to explore! :D) and as part of that it's using the cover_image getter with threads to grab an image attachment from the first post of a thread to be displayed with articles. This is used by, for example, post_article_macros to display an attachment for 'article' threads.

Not all threads though will have an image attachment in the first post but those threads might still get flagged as an article. With that it mind, can we get an option to use the Metadata Logo image as the default image to be shown as the thread cover image if no viable attachments are found? That way if we turn the option on then we'd be able to ensure that all threads that are shown as an 'article' will always have an image displayed. (y)
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