Lack of interest [Suggestion] Show context if user lands on the last page of a thread with just one post


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Ok, this is more of a feedback request rather than a feature request.

I have been using forums for years now and one of the small annoyances is when you click on an alert email about an update to an old thread... and you land on the last page of the discussion with just one (or two post) on it.

Since, it has been a while you have been to that thread, you really have no idea what discussion was going on in that thread.

So, you have to go back one page and read the last 2-3-4 posts to recollect it.

A possible suggestion is that if a user lands on the last page of a thread with just one or two posts, the forum engine detects such an occurrence and load 2-3 (admin selectable) posts from the previous page on to the latest page. Or he is sent to the second last page with the single post from the next page at the bottom.

This has to be an automated thing only for above mentioned cases so as to prevent duplicate content on the forum (same posts on different pages of a thread) which is of course a ground for penalty on search engines.

I hope I managed to explain my mmm rather strange and potentially senseless query :)