Lack of interest [Suggestion] Reservations, post ordering in an active thread ?


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Post ordering in active thread

Often times in forums where a forum category is dedicated for authoring reviews, tutorials, etc the OP will reserve first, second replies to the thread start (seen here: )

In efforts to complete the prose intact and not mingled with replies.

Or allow the threader starter to toggle off or on replies, until the post(s) are complete.

Could there, would there be an option to allow a poster to push all replies after the OP's original post? Or some kind of alternate sort order?

In lieu of the mentioned above, how does one deal with ``reserved'' OP posts? such as this:

I understand that this format is not unlike a a blog post style, but it would be a handy feature for those of us that offer tutorial, articles, reviews sections that extend beyond a single post or when a poster needs to author something in several session over several days.

Kind of an inline micro-thread-blog that could be ``published'' for when opening up for replies.

Just an idea....
Same, i can't see this as a core feature.

Most websites won't have need for this, just some websites that release mods and stuff where they post Reserved.

Cory Booth

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This is similar to one of my suggestions when discussing the possibility of a tightly integrated calendar.
Since with my current vb install, I put events in my calendar and then make a post to discuss the event.
But, if people are talking about things in the "future" some of the more recent events can get lost in the "recent" threads, etc...

Again, like the poster here said, just and idea for the future to consider.