Lack of interest Suggestion: remove post author name from "Delete Post" dialog title


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The title of the "delete post" dialog box uses the "delete_post_by_x" phrase, which displays the name of the person who wrote the post that's being deleted.

This makes sense when the dialog is being used by a moderator, as it helps ensure that the correct post is being deleted. But it doesn't make quite as much sense when it's a user trying to delete his own post, as non-moderators cannot delete posts written by anyone else.

Similarly, the "Delete Profile Post" dialog title also displays the name of the user who authored the post being deleted. This makes a bit more sense, generally speaking, since users are allowed to delete profile posts that other users have left on the board.

Now, this didn't bother me too much when I tried deleting posts here on But once I translated the dialog to Japanese, it looked very odd (and my wife agrees). This may be because Japanese grammar puts the author's name at the very front of the phrase, rather than at the very end. At any rate, I'd like to propose a slight remodeling of the dialog box:

1. Remove the author name from the dialog box titles:

Change the value of "delete_post_by_x" to "Delete Post".​
Change the value of "delete_profile_post" to "Delete Profile Post".​

2. Add the following phrase to both dialogs, above the "Reason for Deletion" text box:

"You are about to delete content posted by {name} at {time} on {date}."​

That's it. The phrase in two can be used for both the "Delete Post" and "Delete Profile Post" dialogs. And it includes the time and date of the post as well as the author name, so it provides even more feedback to help ensure the right post is being deleted.