Lack of interest [Suggestion] Referrer Listing


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A listing of the latest referrers to your forum with admin option of how many to be listed.

If someone shares one of your post and a visitor clicks on the link, you can see where that visitor came from.

Is this something useful to be displayed to all or should this be only for admin?


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Latest Referrer box is right below Members Online Now. Option to use 12 hours/24 hours and also limit the amount of entries listed.

As you can see, visitors clicked on a link from xenforo, google, wordpress, etc. so the admin can see who's referring the visitor. For some forum, it's very important to know so they can build relationship, target ads or even have more content on those sites to attract more visitors.



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Ahahah i hate this phrase, but "this should be a mod". Is a optional feature, easy to do...