Lack of interest [Suggestion] Random Header Logo


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A few wordpress sites have their logo rotate when visiting a page.

Adapt it for xenforo to rotate from a pool of images that are uploaded and then randomly display it when visitors arrive on the homepage.

Anyone like this idea?
Actually, I have a PHP script that is called as if were an image with another forum. I like this idea, but question whether or not it should be a feature or a mod. Honestly, I think if it were a feature, you would see a lot more people use it.


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I visited your site and saw the random logo. Nice touch!

Do you have a central area that your site pulls the logos from?
Yeah it's just one folder that I upload any new images to and they automatically get added into the rotation


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It's really easy to do you just point your header image at a script on your server and it displays the images, no need for this to be a built in feature imo when the php scripts to do it easily already exist, it's a less than 2 min job to set up