Duplicate [Suggestion] Quoted images, youtube vids and such


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Something that I disliked in ehm... about every single forumsoftware ever released is that when you quote an image, youtube video or whatever, it will appear in the quoted post as well. Not only is this pretty useless (the image is already in the thread) it also takes up a lot of space and is quite annoying to read.

A mod I'm using on my own board automatically converts images and such to a url. So if the post:

"Random text no one cares

gets quoted, it will appear like this:

Sador said:
Random text no one cares image
(and a youtube video appears as 'movie' or whatever) which makes everything a whole lot better in my opinion. No more double images, stuff that takes up unnecessary space, but a nice clean link to the original image / video.

Could something like this be implemented? What do you guys think, would this be useful?


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I agree. Attachments are already showed as links when quoted. Let's do the same for IMG tags and video content.