Lack of interest [Suggestion] Option to use Google Custom Search Engine


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Yeah I know it could be as simple as a template edit but being a bit more integrated and part of the core means that every copy of XF could use it which gets users more used to it and means they're more likely to use it. As the minute we have the template edit for VB but the google search hardly gets used compared to the built-in search.


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i always have it on my board for the simple reason... it is a much better search. of course, it is better for searching for content and not specifics like post from this member and so on.

and you can search for thread titles by simply using: intitle:xyz


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I thought if you wanted to have google search for your site, you had to pay for it?(google)

As far as I know, it is not free...


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Maybe an option to display different searches by user group?


Unregistered/Guest would get the Google Custom Search.
Members would get the regular forum search.

This allows conservation of resources.