Implemented [Suggestion] Make private conversation email title text consistent


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When you receive an email for a new private conversation, the email title text is as follows:

Somebody sent you a message: "Hello..."

When you receive notifications of responses the email title text is as follows:

Somebody replied to the conversation "Hello..."

It just seems a bit inconsistent to have message and then conversation in the title.

Also, there is a colon in the new email notification but not in the reply.

I wasn't sure whether to post this in bug reports or not, as it's not really a bug as such.


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But what if that person started the conversation, rather than replied?
Not sure what you mean Peggy :confused:

In my examples above, the first email was for a new conversation started by someone else with me.
The second email was their reply to my response.

At the minute there are 2 different words used; message and conversation and there is also a colon on one email and not the other.


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Maybe it should be worded

"Someone started a conversation with you: Hello. . ."
"Someone replied to a conversation wtih you: Hello . . ."

Or -

"Someone started the conversation 'Hello....'"
"Someone replied to the conversation 'Hello....'"