[Suggestion] I have a few for the next version


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1. thread prefixes with color chooser
2. who is viewing a thread on the bottom
3. previous and next thread links at the bottom for SEO
4. inline edit of thread titles on new posts by double clicking thread title
5. side blocks manager with easy add html
6. copyright text should be _blank (especially when trying to get the word out for xenforo)
7. Profile Fields manager
8. embedded Media should center on page
9. shouldn't "reply" be "quote" ?
10. Portal manager
11. Alerts in real time with out page refresh
12. Invite system with referral tracking and "link to us" images with html and bbcode outputs
13. About trophy's and upgrades page self populated from settings ..... I think everyone is going to have to have a thread like this ... http://www.royal4x4.com/index.php?threads/royal-decree-user-ranks.32/
14. add "your content" to search this forum drop down
15. Moderators should be able to manager users
16. sites age in forum stats block
17. registration should better encourage users to add an avatar


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Suggestions should be limited to 1 per thread otherwise it's impossible to keep track of which ones are wanted by the community in general.

I've moved your thread to the feedback forum.
Please feel free to create individual threads for any suggestions which haven't yet been made.

At a quick glance though, almost all of them have already been suggested.
Please use the search feature to locate the threads and add your comments to each one.