Lack of interest [Suggestion] Default usergroup based on certain factors

Something that I would like to see, the users can be assigned to different usergroups based on the information the person enters when they register.

My forum has an under 18 group. I have to go into the persons profile, and manually assign then to that group - this is a waste of my time. If a person is under 18, I should have the ability to assign them to an Under 18 group.

And its not just for people under 18. This could be for any type of information the person enters when they register - age, race, sex, religion,,,,,,.

Lets say I'am running a forum on religion. When a person registers, and they check the Jewish box, they would be assigned to the Jewish group, which would have spcial access to the Jewish forum section.


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This could be useful. One thing I always wanted with vBulletin was a way to send new users to a different user group based on their email address (or other registration info) instead of outright banning that email provider.