Lack of interest [Suggestion] BB Code Media Sites


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To get the best performance possible for video playback, it's best to use dimensions that can be divided by 16 ... like 512px x 288px for the video content.
Finally add player bar vertical dimension if necessary (like 25px for Youtube).

Video Encoding is done in blocks of 8 or 16px, depending on the codec used. Decoding is much faster when the target display size fits into this 8 or 16px raster, so the decoder doesn't have to unnecessarily re-scale the video image.

Change Vimeo video dimensions to 512 x 288 (playback controls are superimposed)
Change Youtube video dimensions to 512 x 313 (512 x 288 plus 25px player bar)



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Moved :)

Personally though I think embedded media sizes are a personal preference.
Mine for example, will be much bigger than the dimensions you have suggested.


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I have just suggested a size that is close to the default (to make it the new default because of the reasons I mentioned).
You can of course make them much bigger or smaller, as you like. My explanation regarding the 16px raster still applies.