Lack of interest [Suggestion] Auto Refresh of Newsfeed

It would be nice to have that as an option. To regularly poll the forum db and refresh "everyone's newsfeed" with any new results that might have appeared. (Similar to the spy mod ;))

Ofcourse, this could have an impact on your server performance so it would be nice to have a usergroup permission tied in with that.

Edit: Btw this has been mentioned here also: Saw it after i created the thread here.


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That would be very nice and I think it's a logical addition to that feature. It's really fun to sit and watch what other people do and I regularly discover new and interesting conversations. :)


MrNase, yep :D And if I can just leave that page alone and it updates, even every 5 minutes, that would be awesome.


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I made the same point a few days ago.

As the url is hard coded to the last message number it would require a change to that also.