Lack of interest [Suggestion] Admin option to dispay a thumbnail fo a thread's attachment rather than member avatar

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Please like this post if you support this.

An administrator option, on a per forum basis, to display a thumbnail of a thread's attachment on the forum display page rather than a member's avatar.

Example of the hack/mod on
Latest version:

If this is something you feel should be an additional add-on, please feel free to post that, but the ability to have a feature like this can be very useful to forum administrators.


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Like this? Instead of the peoples avatar, but only for certain forums as defined by the admin?



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Although I'm not sure I would use this feature in every single forum section, I would certainly appreciate this feature to use it in a "Photography Showroom" type of forum. So, I like it :)

Only problem I see is how to decide which image to display, if there are more than one.
Always the first uploaded? hmm

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For the vBulletin mod, it is the first uploaded. Perhaps if a member uploads more than one image, he or she can be given the option to select the image that will be featured in the thumbnail.

Yes, I agree not all forums.