Suggestion: Add a "importing" specific forum into the Community support category.


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Rather than getting issues reported as bugs (guilty) or posted into various other forums, it would be useful if there was a specific support forum for people with upgrading questions or issues.


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Sort of, it would be nice to get upgrade issues separate from normal installation issues though. Besides, are those upgrades from XF to XF as opposed to different issues arising from VB / IB / whatever -> XF.

I think the issues are separate enough to warrant a specific 'Importing' forum, tbqh.


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That forum covers all installation and upgrades, whether as an import or a new install.

It would be up to Kier and Mike as to whether they think a new forum is warranted for imported installations only.


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My suggestion is that it would be. There were issues raised when I did the import that may well have been covered by existing threads, but because they're in with the installation / upgrade / other support forums, they were either buried or I didn't find them.

you only have to look around and see the VB import threads scattered throughout the forum to see that a dedicate forum would probably help.