Implemented Suggest to have Custom fields & Multi level Category


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Resource Manager / custom fields / content types, etc.

regarding "custom fields":

it just came to my mind that we are currently not able to search for user-profiles based on custom-fields, e.g. search for "male/female" or "location", etc.

So for example:
if you make a "job-board" like out of the RM, would it be possible to use custom-fields in order to be able to search for a certain job like e.g. "mechanical engineer" and also for a specific location (country, city) like "Toronto" ?

would it be possible to upload images (instead of downloadable files) to make something like a product-directory or a hotel-review directory ?
for example something like this:

would it be possible to turn the RM into something like "PinForo" in order to quickly link to and share other sort of "content-types" (to avoid the need of manually re-creating content by copy/paste existing articles on the web) besides files ?

Many thanks!