Suggest other members to follow based on your interactions with them


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On the assumption that the follow systems will be improved upon in the future, perhaps for better algorithmic generation of notifications to notify you of content relevant to your interests, it would be neat if XF could suggest other members for you to follow.

The member list of suggested people to follow could take into account:

The frequency with which you've liked that persons content
The frequency with which you quote that users post
The frequency that you participate in the same threads as them
Whether or not you have a private conversation history with them
Whether or not you've posted on their profile
If you like or engage with their media or resources or other 3rd party content types


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User engagement is huge, and finding the right people to follow and be in contact with will help create that. I fully support the idea that based on your interactions with others that we can get suggestions of notable users beyond staff and ppl with 10,000 posts..


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If they registered using facebook, is there a way to find out if there are other users who have also registered with facebook who are their friends already?

If so, that would be a great way of getting people to follow each other too.