Sudden 'design' problems in Explorer


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I have been using Explorer most of the times - but at the same time I use Firefox.

When I started creating my forum not that long ago (, I checked it in Explorer and everything was fine.

Few weeks ago something weird happened though. I cannot say I did anything different, and I haven't been changing anything in the styles or templates.

This is how it looks like 'normally' in Firefox (where it looks like it should):


This is how it suddenly looks like in Explorer:


There seems to be a 'header' which there isn't (it's transparent) - I went in to have a look and nothing seems 'abnormal'. I can understand if there are browser differences but it use to work in both browsers ...

Any ideas?


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I am using IE 8 here at work. Not sure which version I'm using at home tbh. I was just noticed that other members of the forum, using IE has the same problem. I can try asking what version they use.


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Just came home - and I use the same IE here (v8). A member on the forum told me he has problems also in Safari.


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Try it in the default style.
If it's OK then it's an issue related to your modified style.
You will then have to revert templates and changes until you identify the cause of the problem.

Unfortunately I don't have IE8 installed so I am unable to do any testing.


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Al-right. I can try that. The style is made from the default though - so nothing really fancy there, I asume.
But I'll try :) thanks


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EDIT: It's the logo that breaks the layout. Have you set the logo height?

Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Settings -> Height of Header Logo


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Hey Lawrence and yes, I did set the logo hight. And as said, it seemed to work fine in IE a few weeks ago :(

Also, I checked the default skin - it's also looking weird in IE. I even tried making the header higher, as suggested - but it still looks weird...


I just don't get it. I don't remember changing the settings - and my home pc is different from my work pc ...


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I love your skin, but on chrome you have a horizontal scrollbar, and I'm not using a small resolution either.. Sorry you're having issues :)



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Thanks Mikey :)

I have a scroll bar too in normal IE and in firefox too - but I guess that's because the forum in itself is high?