Substitute for DTO Vendor Tools?


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Anyone know of a viable substitute for the vBulletin modification DTO Vendor Tools that will work well in a Xenforo install?

Overview - Monetize vBulletin
Attracting new and retaining current vendors is but one of the puzzle pieces in growing a site. Deploy DTO Vendor Tools as a key component in vendor advertising programs insuring long-term advertising relationships. DTO Vendor Tools simplifies management of vendors. An intuitive interface frees the site admin to enter basic information about the vendor allowing the vendors Master Rep or an assigned Rep to fill in the details. Alternatively vendor information can be pre-loaded motivating a vendor to opt-in to a user facing preferred paid placement in the directory. Included are tools to enable easy communication with vendors, view collected statistical data, as well as the ability to export vendor information for use in third party applications.

A VendorCP provides active vendors a portal into a feature rich environment where they can manage their own company information, monitor statistical information, and make use of the Keyword feature. Keywording is a unique function, commonly found in agent-based enterprise software that offers proactive monitoring of phrases that are important to each vendor representative. Based on keywords entered by the vendor rep, each evening the day's posts are searched for those phrases. If matches are found the rep is emailed that matches have been identified, the rep can review the matches, and jump immediately to the post or thread and respond as appropriate thereby creating rapport and follow on sales with members of the site.
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I *may* be migrating a client's vB4 forum to XF and he has quite a few custom features on vB4, including the DTO Vendor Tools. I've found a replacement for most all other elements of his forum - but looking for a solid replacement for the DTO's modification.

Suggestions will be very much appreciated!



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