XF 1.4 Subscription and IPN errors that will just not go away !!


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I upgraded ....... yes I said UPGRADED :) from VBulletin to Xenforo about 4 months ago.

Everything has been brilliant apart from my subscribed members.

I run a photography forum at www.photography-forum.org and currently have around 250 subscribed members.

I also moved to HTTPS from HTTP.

I started getting error message from paypal stating that the "Instant Payment Notification" for a subscription had failed. I checked with paypal and the IPN message had been sent to the HTTP version and not the HTTPS version. Paypal retried the message 14 times before it deletes it !!!

After a few retries Paypal then disable the IPN system on your account and no messages get through.

I had members saying their subs had been taken but their account had not been upgraded. this i then did manually.

After numerous chats with Paypal, Xenforo, Server people etc. I'm still not 100% sure of the problem but its starting to sound like a hangover from VBulletin.

I am at the point now where I think the only way to resolve this is to cancel all the subscriptions in paypal and then force my members to re-subscribe on the xenforo system when their subscription is due for renewal.

After thinking how to lessen the chaos this could cause I have come up with what I think is a solution - I thought I would post it here to see if the clever people might have a better solution.

1 - I am going to delete all subscriptions in Paypal so no members accounts will be renewed.
2 - When their accounts need upgrading they will have to start a new subscription on xenforo which should correct the issue.
3 - I have created a duplicate "Upgraded" usergroup so i can see members moving from the old usergroup to the new one, this way i can keep tabs on how members are moving.
4 - once most have moved across (will be nearly 12 months) I can chase the stragglers and then close down the old usergroup.

All members should then be on the xenforo subscriptions system.

please if you you have any ideas how this can be sorted easier or if you have run into this issue please post here as I feel like Im the only one with this problem at the moment.

Last question - what is the correct URL for xenforo IPN messages to go to ??

I currently have it going to - https://www.photography-forum.org/payment_callback.php

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work Xenforo rocks !!!!! :)


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Recurring subscriptions are not able to be imported from vB to XF.

Members will have to resubscribe.

The actual URL you enter for the IPN is irrelevant, as XenForo passes the correct URL through. In this case it's just a placeholder URL.


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Thanks @Brogan

Do you think my work around is the best and easiest option to keep track of the migration from the old subscriptions to the new ?