XF 1.5 Submit post will scroll to the new post


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Can someone guide me how to achieve this:

When submit a new post, the browser will scroll to the newly created post.

Any help would be appreciated.


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It's not clear what you're asking.

Posts are made via the editor at the bottom of the page and inserted without a page reload.


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When I click submit, the page stay at the same location without page reload.

What I want is that:
When I click submit, it will scroll to the #newmessage without page reload.

It may sound weird, but this is what I want to achieve.


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What's wrong with it as it is? Currently it's pretty near the top of the new message anyway (well it's above it so it's not cutting off any of the start of the message).

If you use More Options and use the full editor it will do what you want.


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Cause I'm trying to make the editor "position: fixed", so I need it to scroll to bottom after submit.
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So basically users who want to double check their posts after submission will have to scroll up the page before they start reading, especially for longer posts, if you are able to implement this.


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So preferably it can scroll straight to the newly created post.

If can't, scroll to bottom of the page would be the next best option.