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( 1 ) we would like to create a forum which has sub forums for our angling clubs in there various districts .
each club should have there own moderator and be able to grant permissions for there sub forum or which is there club.
(2) would like to link forum to website and vice versa - Website is a catologue based product guide so members can go from forum to cat ( in web ) and back to forum with ease.
(3) add chat box
(4) classified section like ipb.

do yu have this as standard or add ons or not at all.

IPB can do it .Prefer your layout though and would not mind putting another nail in v bulletin.

Jake Bunce

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1) There is no option to grant moderators the ability to grant access to specific sections. An addon is required. Normally only the admin can grant access.

2) If you specify a home URL in the options then it will add a "Home" tab to the navbar (which you can see on this forum).

3) This is a good addon:

4) There is no special classified section. Exactly what functionality do you need? Of course a forum can double as a classified section by allowing people to post items for sale. The question is what specific features do you need.