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Rob submitted a new resource:

Stylish Notices - Gives extra styling flexibility for block notices


This add-on allows you to set a custom css class on BLOCK notices.

Once installed, you'll notice an additional "Notice Class" field, when adding or editing a block level notice.

I've included one style, "stripes".... if you give any block notice the "notice class" of "stripes" then you'll get a striped notice - the colours of which will depend on your style's pallet.

You can edit the stripes style, and also add your own...
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If anyone want's to share any additional styles here, I will consider including them, along with "stripes" in future builds.
All I ask, is that you use colour palette colour names where possible (eg. @primaryDarker) so that built in notice styles inherit from the installed style.


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Hey @Rob I've found a small issue when disabling and re-enabling a notice. When the notice is re-enabled, the notice class becomes blank.
Any way to fix please?