Hi all :)

So how do I go about styling?

If I want a style that is similar to my existing one is it easy to do? will it be a headache in the future?

What companies regularly keep their styles/themes updated? No point buying something that is outdated in a few months :-\


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Designing your own style is as simple or as complex as you want it to be.
There are numerous Style Properties which can be utilised, as well as editing the CSS and HTML templates.

There are many third party styles which are regularly updated to work with the latest version of XenForo.

Tracy Perry

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You can either
Get a bespoke style from one of the current stylers (@Russ, @Audentio Design are two of the main ones I like) - if you are wanting something similar/identical to what you had this would be your option.
Get a pre-made style from one of the stylers (again, the two above are my preferred providers)
Make your own style
Obtain a framework (like UI X or XenBase) and then start doing some customizing from there (that is what I have done).