Styling Suggestion


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Hi Guys.
Congrats to Kier, Mike and everyone setting up the new xenforo.
I am Hanafi from and I skin a lot of styles.

From what I have seen there is a huge improvement and new technology implemented.

I know that there will be no 500 stylevars like vb4 to get to know to. Styling took more time than ever.

1. I hope something like vb3 main css features. One alternating colors changes in all part of forums.
2. Working RTL version and all IE6,IE7 and IE8 compatible. If you used rounded corners make sure it will be seen too in these browsers.Tested in all these browsers before release.vb4 has too many issues of these. I know that this is not vb4 just learn from what is not good.

1. Please don't use 2 rows of navigation on top imitating vbulletin4(home forums members). You guys has a wonderful drop drop and pop up. Just use one row.remove the bottom row. What ever else put in pop up menu. And make the navigation font size bigger.It is too small.

2.Hard to see text. Please not to use soft colours for text. It is hard to see. Grey time color in threadlist."New" button in top right of posbit. Sidebar Title text soft blue. All text colors should be nice to read.

3. Please allow us to choose between text button or image button for postbit, newthread, reply, edit, quote. And for default skin please make the buttons more attractive than anything else. I mean differentiate the buttons from other element.So people will easily know what is button and what is not.This is fundamental issue in designing.Navigation and buttons are the important element in design flow.

4. Postbit. I think you need to have 2 alternating background colors to differentiate post A and post B. post C will use the same background colors as post A. B same with D.

5. All small font can be change only with one font stylevars, then all will be big.Because at this time there are too many small fonts. This is not good for some people. In advance editing interface, there shouldnt be small font at all. I guarantee if I were into skinning XF, a lot of people will ask about various of font size locations. these need to be bigger there and there.

I think that's it. Keep up the good work. I hope to see my suggestion implemented and maybe some users will agree to it.

Best Regards,