Styles with fixed body backgrounds


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I'm dabbling, watch things break ;)

Just a quick question really.
When making the body background "fixed", there's more scroll lag, at least from what I'm seeing.
Is this because your video card is having to work that little bit harder to process the graphics?
It's not limited to XF, I've seen it on other boards that utilise a static or "fixed" background, be it a whole picture filling the screen or a teeny bit of 16x2, for example, piece of repeated graphic.
D'ya follow me?


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I don't think it is a graphics card issue, but a browser issue. I just done some testing for this on my wife's site. When I created her XF style, I meant for the background image to be fixed to match her home page, but had forgotten to add in the "fixed;" property. When I did, I noticed a lag in the scroll bar, but only in Firefox. IE was fine.

I went to her home page (which was up a long time before XF) where I had the graphic fixed and noticed the lag there too. I didn't notice it until now as there is not much data on there, so there is not much lag, but it's now noticeable to me in Firefox.

I'm going to move this discussion to off topic as it is not limited to XenForo.