XF 1.2 Style issue with custom style..


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Typically refers to when the image is sliced wrong/spaced wrong.

EDIT: Basically without a URL it'd be hard/impossible to debug for you ;p


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Its not sliced wrong. We have the best in the business working on this. It dont have any spacers. Even a simple sliced table, with 9 cells, gets jacked up. It's every HTML table with images.


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Lol yea . It's how the professionals do it hahha it's how we have always done it from the old phpnuke to vbulletin 3 to phpbb3 lol. I guess we will go with divs now. Hahha


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If you have completely redone the html in the style, you will have problems with addon compatibility.

Also, from the looks of it, there is probably a border or a background somewhere messing things up. As have been mentioned, without being able to look at it, it is impossible to tell.