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I'm considering buying a Xenforo license but I have no previous experience in running a forum site. (I do have a lot of experience being a member of them)

The simplest way I can put my question is:

I know nothing about web hosting or anything like that, do I need to install/buy a separate program for my forum to get up and running or is Xenforo all I need and just focus on building my forum?

Many thanks in advance!


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In addition to the XF license you will require a domain (URL) and hosting (server).

Simple shared hosting would work for a new forum and they typically have cPanel which makes it very easy to install XF.


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I know nothing about web hosting or anything like that
You'll need to learn. XenForo is installed onto an appropriate web server. You get get managed web hosting already ready for XenForo and buy XenForo install services.

Tracy Perry

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You will have to have somewhere to host the script at. Either a shared hosting provider, VPS or dedicated server. If you are just starting off, a quality shared hosting provider should be sufficient.
As for installation, you can either pay for the service here or do it yourself. It's not that hard and once you obtain a license there will be plenty of people willing to guide you.