XF 1.5 Struggling with permissions

I just went live with a large site migration from VB to XF. It has gone very well and my users are thrilled with all the new features. However, the one roadblock to getting everything smoothed out is permissions. In addition to the public forums, I have two separate private staff forums and about 30 additional private forums for various member groups. I've done all of the reading on how this *should* work, but I just don't think my permissions came over very clean during import. I am really struggling with fixing it. Any suggestions or is there someone that can be hired to do this?


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Move every user to primary usergroup to Registered.
Any other usergroup should be setup s secondary.
On desired forum nodes permissions, setup revoke for registered user, and allow for usergroups (secondary) for which you wish to see and post in that subforums.