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XF 1.5 Stretched Smilies

Our smilies are stretched page wide on android and iphone. Any idea what might cause them to be this way?

Is it possible an add-on could cause it... although we would have no idea which one at this point. Or is there a setting for this somewhere in our options that I am missing?


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Hi @Sonnie ,

Used this thread on your board as an example:

It appears you have a CSS media query (a rule that engages only for narrow mobile width) that is forcing a flexbox to appear for all the elements in your threads:

Disabling this rule resolves the issue for me:


This flex rule for .messageText is definitely not needed here, though I wonder if maybe you added it to adjust the styling for another page such as your portal? I would double check any customisations you've made in your style, or any add-ons that you may have.
Thank you for such a thorough explanation. It could be that our developer for our home page portal set that for some reason. I will check with him and see. Thanks again.