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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Street view - Creates an embedded Google street view into a message.

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For $25.00 USD this add-on along with the entire collection may be downloaded for up to one year. Please see the colletion in the Resources area at this URL:


Creates an embedded Google street view into a message.

Live Example:

(Example of Street view in message)

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Mr Lucky

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Great idea. Not able to edit the Custom BBCODE though:

Only a limited number of fields in this item may be edited.

Mr Lucky

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The only issue for me is the street view is not responsive, but I presume that is a Google limitation, nothing you can do about that.

Mr Lucky

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Just a thought, as you ask people to create the misc folder, why not include that in the install. Plus you need not get them to edit the become if the path is not absolute from the URL, i.e. the path in become is /misc/streetview.php

Or, is there a reason the path in bbcode can't just be src/addons/Andy/Sreetview/streetview.php

That way people don't need to edit the become or create the misc folder and copy.

So there is no editing apart from adding the Google API key


Installed on XF 2.1, I followed the install directions including setting the debug flag in config.php. The Custom BB editor still will not allow me to edit the HTTP code to specify the correct URL. The only way I could do it was to edit your installation package bb_codes.xml.

I know that the debug true switch was recognized because when I went to update bb_codes.xml I received a warning that I was in debug mode.