Streaming from PC to android tablet.


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So I picked up a galaxy tab 10.1 today.

Anyways, long story short the sky go android app is as useful as a chocolate kettle, and doesn't work with it.

What I would like to do is open up the Formula 1 channel on my media PC and then stream that channel to my tablet.

Can anyone suggest a good method of doing that?

the only method i know that will work.And I've done this with my mobile device not the tablet, but i'm sure it'll work for tablet. you have to download "vlc media player" for pc then download from your tablet "vlc direct" from the android market which it now is google play.It will connect wirelessly and stream video's. I never got it to work for live stream.

just google vlc direct and you'll get all of the details form the site.


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Well, I know that VLC can receive live TV (Media -> Open capture device) and since VLC can basically stream everything it can play, I see no reason why it shouldn't work.

So if you have a supported device, this should work. The only downside is that VLC's UI is very limited and unsuitable for an "easy mode" TV receiving solution. There is no channel scanning for example, nor is there a channel selection. You need to know the exact channel frequency among other parameters to successfully open a TV channel.

On the plus side, all these operations are supported by command line parameters, so it's fairly easy to automate things.