Stranded Deep Forum

A new survival game hit steam recently and i fell in love, hence the birth of Stranded Deep Forum.

Stranded Deep is a once in a lifetime survival game experience you will never forget. You take on the role of the survivor from a place that crashed into the middle of the ocean, you are left with nothing more than the bare essentials to help you survive. You need to craft, build, scavenge and kill to survive. Will you take on the depths of the ocean in search of some valuable loot or are those pesky sharks too much for you? From smashing up coconuts for that tiny drop of liquid, to slicing and dicing tiger sharks for that much needed food.

Our forum provides a place to discuss the latest game updates to sharing ideas, mods and any other fan made material. We offer a friendly environment to connect and share with other stranded deep fans across the globe.

We would like some feedback on the forum, we are still currently adding content and it is not officially open as we are still working on a few things. We are fully open to any help and support.