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Sticky threads display order - Display sitcky threads by order

About this add-on

This add-on is designed to provide your moderators with permission to stick and unstick threads, to display all sticky threads by order.

The order of sticky threads can be set on thread view, when editing a thread title, and on the thread list when editing a thread. All sticky threads display order will be logged in the Moderator Panel of your Admin Panel.

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hello dear wang sir,

I hope you decide to add it again in the future, its a good add-on, i plan to buy it

you can just put people on ignore, this is what i started to do,

i have paid lots of developers to make me the same add-on thats already available on xenforo, just because i dont want to buy from a certain developers.

[someone here] is on my list of developers not to buy from, so this is why your add-on is important for me, either way if u dont bring it back, i will hire someone to make it for me,

dont listen to anyone, lots of the same add-ons here, people just get jealous easy.
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