Steve Jobs has left Apple...

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Yeah okay what I meant to say was that he stepped down as CEO. He also was the "face" of Apple, which he (for now?) isn't anymore.


I have no confidence that in the (near) future the company is going to be feeling more 'free' without the strict vision and goals that Jobs has and takes turns and paths that lead to a demise in quality, service and attitude.

Let's hope this great period that Apple has grown from a poor second choice to something great that has helped change my life a bit is a great example to other companies and in the future a good alternative for me to consider when it's time to leave Apple behind.


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i think the only reason for apple succeed is because of this man and if he left apple would not remain the way it did for the past 20 years


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Bill left Microsoft years ago and it did not collapse.
Yes, but Microsoft was not a company run by a singular vision; which has been one of it's downfalls. Microsoft has many divisions, with many leaders, and none of them which talk to each other. So often Microsoft's biggest competitors are other divisions within Microsoft itself (see: Zune VS Plays4Sure). Sure, Bill was a visionary, but Microsoft ran fine without him because of task delegation.

Apple is very different. Apple's entire business model has a singular vision, one defined and conducted strictly by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs managed to figure out how to take sub-standard hardware and software and sell it to the masses at exorbitant prices simply by making the user experience better. Other companies are started to see the importance of emphasis on user experience and are following in suit.

However, Steve Jobs' vision also locked many users into the "Apple Walled Garden", so even without him, it could be a long time before Apple starts to degrade. I know a ton of people who finally break out of Apple's walled garden, only to find happiness in far superior products. (see: Zune)


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lol check out wiki


In August 2011, Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple. He will remain at the company as chairman of the company's board.[65][66][67]
Hours after the announcement, Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares dropped 5% in after-hour trading.[68] It is believed, according toForbes, that the impact will be felt in a negative way beyond Apple, including at the Walt Disney Company where Jobs serves as director.[69] In after-hour trading on the day of the announcement, Walt Disney Co. (DIS) shares dropped 1.5%.[70]
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