XF 1.5 Statistics XF, Andy, others


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I just have tried to run AndyB´s statistic, but it seems i need another addon to show it.
I have watched the code a little bit and understand that there are queries to get the values.
But most of them are made from XF for the normal stats.

Now i would like to know if it is possible to extend the normal stats of xf just with that queries that are needed to have more stats (user today, threads today, posts today for example)

We need three queries and to pass them to the right template.
I have no idea about the xf programing, but maybe someone wants to give me some hintes where to watch and find the normal queries for the xf stats, please?


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Once before I developed an add-on that was adding a few widgets to Widget Framework add-on.
One of those widgets was Advanced Statistics:
I deleted it from XF because these days I have no time to support it. But if you want to get it, you can check here! (you can also know more about it here!)