Start page determined by location or user. How to?


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Hello I have a website that will be serving a broad geographic location and would prefer to cut down on all the clutter on start page.

How can I create a start page that has items of national interest then the user can chose which state they are interested in which when clicked on can give them different categories to chose from?

Also can there log in Id preference a specific state and not show the main page without choosing to do so?

Jake Bunce

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There is nothing exactly like you described.

You can setup the forum tree like this:

National Forums
- Topic 1
- Topic 2
- Topic 3

State Forums
- State 1
- - Topic 1
- - Topic 2
- - Topic 3
- State 2
- - Topic 1
- - Topic 2
- - Topic 3
- State 3
- - Topic 1
- - Topic 2
- - Topic 3

The index page only shows two levels of forums, so users will need to click on the states to see their subforums.

Also check out my addon which allows you to move categories into the navigation area, like the State Forums: