Stardale - Epic New Procedural Generated Universe Game!

Kane Hart

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Just wanted to post about Stardale now that its showing up on Kickstarter.

Stardale is a large scale 2d procedural generated universe. It has the same basic principles of most 2d side scrollers like Terraria and many others but it goes well beyond by adding detailed tech progression and fully player controlled space exploration. Yes, that's right, you can fly your ships around space. Even better, ships have slots and tech modules for upgrades and to mount weapons and customizations. With this you can join in space battles against other players and mobs! In addition, Stardale will allow you to tech up from the stone age to space age; after you fire your first rocket engine and send out a probe or a player into space you'll discover the entire universe is at your disposal. You will be able to build and create player owned stations, setup mining outposts, create trading routes and much more. On top of that the universe changes based on how players interact with each other and their surroundings; you can shape the course and fate of the cosmos! Either way there is tons more information at the Kickstater page linked above.

If you like the 2D worlds or flying in 2D top down view space then you'll probably love this game. I really think a lot of people are going to love this because you will have Single Player, Multiplayer and even dedicated servers capable of hosting 100's if not 1000's of players! The best part is that as a player you can actually run your own servers if you want; that means you can run and host your own MMO scale sized servers or just small ones - whatever you decide. The choice is yours there will be 100's of customizations that server administrators or normal users can add to the server configurations.

Make sure you check out the Youtube Video: