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Lack of Interest Standardise an instal package of addon

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by infis, Mar 14, 2013.


Whether it is necessary to standardise packages of installation of addons, localisations, styles

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. infis

    infis Well-Known Member

    Please, standardise an install package of addon. For example:

    \ - root
    \package.info - description of package
    \package.list - list of installation folders with files
    \xml - folder for xml's files (addon, localization, etc.)
    \xml\package.xml - installation file of addon
    \xml\de.xml - German localization
    \xml\ru.xml - Russian localization
    \folder_of_addon - addon's folder in library/
    \folder_of_addon\... - addon's files
    \js\folder_of_addon - addon's folder in js/
    \js\folder_of_addon\... - javascript addon's files
    Package: my_addon - addon's id (short name of addon and usually the folder name in library)
    Version: 1.0b - addon's version (same, as in xml file for installation)
    XenForo: 1.1.2 - minimal version of XenForo for work
    Author: mynick - author of addon
    Section: admin - section where addon is applied
    Depends: addon1 (>=0.2)| addon2 (>=3.3a) - dependences with versions
    Homepage: http://www.xenforo.com/community/threads/222
    Localization: de (1.1) | ru (1.2)
    Description: My cool addon
    This addon is for example
    Other description
    The announce or the short description of addition
    28b97f43827e7b1f68f00e32016f2502  library/my_addon/Listener.php
    363d2ee816ea445bab219606af6ebf71  library/my_addon/Model/Addon.php
    e6c52a4ab8187de8c4e0a9e81aa30b11  library/my_addon/ControllerAdmin/Template.php
    876002584d8767dd715a53b449390a89  js/my_addon/addon_javascript.js
    28b97f43827e7b1f68f00e32016f2502 and over - md5 hash
    It will allow to realise following possibilities:
    1. Automatic installation of addon.
    2. An automatic choice and installation of necessary addons.
    3. Automatic installation of localisations.
    4. Automatic check and installation of updatings.
    5. Automatic parse for the Resource Manager.
    6. Automatic uninstall addon.
    7. Integration of installed forum and official Resource Manager.

    Probably, there will be other variants of such package. But, believe, it is necessary. Already now it is the extremely inconvenient to trace updatings.
    Also installation of addons on one occurs slowly enough whereas installation simultaneously several addons can essentially reduce time.
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  2. GliX

    GliX Active Member

    This feature is really needed, because each author of the addon generates its own archive, which is not always clear what should be loaded.

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