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Rob H

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A friend and I are putting together a forum, and he added a staff room for admins and moderators, he is no longer around ( in Europe lucky stiff) anyway I added another usergroup to be aloud into the staff room. Problem now is it is visible on home page under recent threads, did I do something wrong or is this normal. And can I hide it so it remains invisible to regular members. When you go to the site it is not there till you log in so its not visible to unregistered guest. And is it possible to have two such nodes invisible on the same site. My friend was the techie I'm a machinist.

Jake Bunce

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This should help:

Creating a private forum

Because of the way Revoke works in xenForo you shouldn't use it to restrict a private forum. Instead you should use a special feature in xenForo called Private node. You will see the Private node checkbox when editing the permissions for a specific node. This basically inverts the permissions so that you can specify Allowed groups instead of Revoked groups. This is actually better for group management if you add more groups later.

Admin CP -> Users -> Node Permissions -> [click Permissions for a forum] -> Private node

This is assuming your recent threads obey permissions. That sounds like an addon.


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Are you using Xenporta recent threads? I don't know if that follows permissions, so you might want to try out a guest view. You can also set the source forums, so you can easily exclude your staff forum.